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Directory Submission Terms Of Service

Link Submission Guide

  • Your title must be the title of your website, company or the specific page being submitted. For example, if your pet toy retail site is called 'Happy Pets Ltd' then we will not accept 'Dog Cat Hamster Pet Animal Toys Bedding Food' as the title. You can add 3 extra Deep Links to your listing with individual keyphrases to direct users to various parts of your site.

  • Your description must describe your website, company, products, services or purpose. It must not be a list of keywords, it must not contain special offers that may go out of date (e.g. '50% till February') and it must not be self-recommending (e.g. 'we are the best' or 'the world's No.1 scissors seller').

  • Neither the linking text nor the description may contain ALL CAPS (in full, or in part) or too many adjectives such as 'cool', 'awesome', etc. or any excited punctuation such as '!', '@' or '*'.

  • Gambling, pharmaceutical or offensive websites will not be listed. Please see below for further information about reasons for potential rejection.

  • If you have any doubts as to whether your website might be rejected please contact us with your website details for review prior to official submission. There are no refunds for rejected submissions: otherwise, we would be inundated with have-a-go spammers. If you feel our decision was in error please contact us with your website details, payment ID number and where you think we may have mis-understood your site content.

Link Policy

  • Link details cannot be changed after submission unless specifically permitted by an e-Bey editor who has been able to verify the authority of the requesting party to make changes on behalf of that listing.

  • Links are listed in our directory as long as the required fee(s) are paid and at the required intervals. However, position is determined by bids.

  • Links can be removed at any time for violating our link policies.

  • Links must not contain ALL CAPS or too many adjectives like 'cool', 'awesome', etc. or any excited punctuation such as '!', '@' or '*'.

  • The alteration of submitted link titles, URLs and descriptions is always at the discretion of e-Bey editors to help such listings fit in with the site layout and/or usability.

  • If you are selling something in a particular country, then you need to submit to the relevant category within that Regional category. The main categories are for worldwide services.

  • Your website must be in the english language predominantly. Translations in to other languages are fine but the main content must be in english. We would not recommend submitting to this directory if you are not targeting english speaking countries are we target users from such areas only.

We will not approve the submission of:
  • Any website that appears to directly offer a gambling facility to users will not be allowed. However, forums for horse racing buffs or football club fan sites with a few William Hill ads scattered around the place would most likely be acceptable.

  • Any site containing offensive material such as violence or non-art nudity or where the nudity is sexually gratuitous. We reserve the right to decide what we consider offensive or pornographic. For example, if you sell swords and your website is artful and displays the products in a manner you would expect a stamp collecting site to display it's wares - fine. If you sell swords and your website is covered with images of people sword fighting or hunting bunny rabbits whilst wearing full camouflage gear - not a chance.

  • Any site selling pharmaceuticals, unless they are a brick and mortar pharmacy in the country that they are selling to. If it is not easy to establish such, your submission will be rejected.

  • Any links that redirect to a different website than the one indicated in the listed URl. This includes affiliate links or pages that use meta refreshes.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Bids are non-refundable for rejected submissions or for approved listings that are subsequently removed for violating our terms of use at a later date.

  • You can remove a link by contacting us. Once ownership is confirmed your link can be removed, however no bids will be refunded.

  • We reserve the editorial right to change the title, description, url, category placement and/or any other aspect of your listing if we feel it is not wholly accurate or violates our guidelines.

  • If we remove your listing for any reason other than violation of our linking rules (and you are up to date with your payment installations) then contact us and we may issue a full or part refund of your last submitted payment depending on the amount, it's intended use and when it was made.

A Note from our Editors

The above rules, guidelines and instructions have been written to sound strict in order to convey that this directory is not a link farm and that we are looking for good, useful websites to be included. But, we're not jerks, and if you make a mistake we will either alter your submission or contact you to discuss the problems. If you've got a good site, we want you included and will work with you.

If you've got a scraper blog smothered in adsense adverts then yes, we'll reject your submission and keep the $49 for wasting our time. If you don't know what an adsense-smothered-scraper-blog is ... you probably have nothing to worry about! ;)
e-: in an electronic form, usually in association with the internet.
bey: "chieftain", traditionally applied to the leaders of small tribal groups.

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