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Why get listed in e-Bey.org?

You've heard of Best of the Web, you've heard of Yahoo Directory and you've heard of Dmoz. Many of you will have heard of other various paid inclusion directories and even submitted to some of them. Why choose e-Bey.org as part of your marketing strategy?

We'll start with price:

  • e-Bey.org = $15.
  • Yahoo Directory = $299.
  • Business.com = $299.
  • BOTW.org = $150.

(Although you can get money off those expensive listings by clicking our links to the right of this page!)

... and then there's Dmoz = waiting forever.

So, whereas you could pay $299 just to have 1 listing in Yahoo, for the same price you could list 20 different pages of your website in 20 different categories on e-Bey.*

Then there's exposure: don't you hate it when you've taken the time to submit but end up on page 6 of that category? Who visits page 6?!? Our categories are monitored and as soon as even a Page 2 develops, the category is investigated to see whether it can be split off in to more niche listings. This provides our users with easier access to the information they want AND makes sure that you have front row niche exposure as often as possible.

Then there is the number of links per page issue:

That's just the outbound links - the paying advertisers. That's not including the 10-100 internal links. What are the chances of you receiving any traffic when there are almost 600 other links for users to click on that page?**

Not only do we work to give you face time in the directories, but we offer customisation of your listing so you can choose to increase your exposure on our website. You can add extra deep links, display your URl for branding and even highlight your listing. We've made these things optional so that if you don't want to pay for them, you don't have to.

If you have questions about quality, e-Bey.org bears all the hallmarks of a 'quality directory':

Firstly, our directory is separated in to sensible and actually useable categories. For example: what is the point of a Shopping category where all the stores, no matter what language or country is being served, are lumped in together? Who is that useful to? With our Worldwide and Regional categorisation people can really use our directory to find services.

Secondly, submissions are reviewed by an editor. This helps in several ways such as ensuring that listings are accurately descriptive, located in the correct category and so on. It also combats spammy and offensive websites trying to get listed. If a website does not match the requirements, it is not accepted in to the directory.

Thirdly, we have actual user foot traffic as opposed to simply webmasters visiting to post their links. We are constantly working to bring targeted traffic to the categories. If you are not seeing us in your referrer logs, drop us a line and we'll make an effort to improve traffic to your category.

There are fourthlys, fifthlys and sixthlys but I want to move on to promotion: besides our categorisation, we have a top 5 listing on the front page, a top 10 listing on the main directory page and a 'supremo' position in the top right corner of every single page. If you want to be listed there, just pay a little bit more. If you want to be listed higher in your category, just pay a little bit more. Our listings are ordered by the amount they have paid in to their directory account.

The $15 will get you in and provide you with all the benefits associated with being a part of our directory. But if you want more, you can get it - and at a fraction of the cost you would pay in other directories for their 'featured' or 'sponsored' sections.

Which brings us to why this directory was started: because we wish something like this existed when we started out! ;)

If you have any questions about being listed in our directory, do get in touch.

* Based on Yahoo Pricing as of 10th Feb 2010. The example giving is not meant to imply that you will find twenty categories that you site may be submitted to.

** Examples of listed directories correct on 10th Feb 2010. Note that any directory worth it's weight is constantly shifting categories and listings in order to provide a good user experience and even our own methodology is subject to change should it be deemed necessary.
e-: in an electronic form, usually in association with the internet.
bey: "chieftain", traditionally applied to the leaders of small tribal groups.

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