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e-: in an electronic form, usually in association with the internet.
bey: "chieftain", traditionally applied to the leaders of small tribal groups.

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Best of the Web's directory has been around for a long time. Now, having split in to two versions (UK and Worldwide), they are offering 60 days Free Advertising in their sponsor slots.
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Some Directories are More Equal than Others: is there still a place for the humble directory in today's online arena? A topic receiving much debate in Webmaster Forums recently.

Whilst internet portals, such as Dmoz or the Yahoo Directory, started off as essential resources for web surfers - these days people are even using search engines less and less as social networking takes off. Google and Bing have even had to resort to paying Twitter to be able to show the collective ramblings of individuals in the hope that it will encourage usage.
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If Google is trying to bring people back to regular search, what is left for the 'directory' to do?

Not a lot is seems. Again, thanks to Google, even Yellow Pages is being phased out as Local Search invades the search results. Why go to a niche/dedicated business directory if the businesses are listed in the search results of a search engine along with related videos, news snippets, maps, adverts and extra organic search results?

So what do we have to offer users? Just another small-time, dedicated directory. But, with search engines spending more and more time on working out what extras to push in to the search results, many have complained to us that the natural listings seems to be less relevant. 'I can't find anything!' has been screamed by many a regular user. So, here are only the companies that believe they are relevant placed in relevant categories - human intent on both sides. Let us know if we've got anything wrong (something else you don't get from search engines!).

If you're a webmaster looking to promote your web site, no doubt you feel that as search engines reduced the validity and market share of online traffic to directories, they now view them all with some suspicion. There have been a few 'scandals' in recent years. Most notably the day that Best of the Web (BOTW) saw a large portion of it's inner pages lose Pagerank. Why was this a problem? Well, as the forums pointed out, without Pagerank perceived as being passed anymore, what did you get for the $99 listing price? $99 on Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) could get you a guaranteed 990 targeted visitors per year ... BOTW guaranteed you no traffic figures at all.

Luckily for them, Pagerank was restored to many of those inner pages ... only for Yahoo to lose all it's inner category Pagerank some months later! Though this time, Google stated some sort of 'programming error' ;)

So what, as a six year old 'chieftain of the web' directory, do we have to offer the humble webmaster? -- traffic. This is a traffic directory, from many angles. Whilst most directories tend to spend most of their time advertising to webmasters to generate listings, we genuinely seek out innovative and unique angles to bring real foot traffic to the listings in our categories. We are a hub for traffic! If you don't see our website address in your logs then let us know so we can work harder on your category!

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